Disability Employment Initiative

Our Goal is to Help You Meet Your Goals

Career, Employment, and Training Services for Persons with a Disability

Did you know that a disability is defined as one or more of the following?

  • A physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.  For example, this could include working, talking, hearing, seeing, caring for one's self.
  • A record of such an impairment.
  • A characteristic that others view as an impairment.  For example, a person that has severe facial scarring.

If you can answer yes to the next two questions, we may be able to help you. 

  • Are you a person with a disability?
  • Are you trying to achieve your career, training, and employment goals?

What is your situation? 

  • You are transitioning from school to career.
  • You have been out of school for a while.
  • You want to get into a career.
  • You want to advance in a career.

Illinois workNet has tools to help you with each of these situations.

Employer IconEmployers

  • If you are an employer who can offer an internship, job shadowing, or on-the-job training, contact info@illinoisworknet.com.  We will connect you to the right person to  learn more about becoming part of your local integrated partner network.

Partner IconService Providers

  • If you are a who offers services in one or more of the program areas, contact info@illinoisworknet.com.  We will connect you to the right person to  learn more about becoming part of your local integrated partner network.
  • Organizations with the administrative capacity and a track record of serving individuals with disabilities are eligible to apply for funding.


Adult MaleThe DEI program is offered to adults ages 18-64 in the following counties:

  • Franklin
  • Jackson
  • Jefferson
  • Lake
  • Perry
  • Williamson
Free services offered to individuals with disabilities through Illinois workNet include:

Employment Search

  • Resume writing
  • Skills and interest assessments
  • Universally Accessible Resource Center


  • Career preparation
  • Educational opportunities
  • On-the-job training

Financial Counseling and Assistance

  • Work incentives for SSI/SSDI benefits and Medicaid
  • Tax credits
  • Budgeting and saving

Support Services

  • Transportation
  • Child care
  • Tools/supplies and adaptive equipment 


youth femaleThe DEI program is offered to youth ages 14-24 in the following counties:

  • DuPage - Local Flyer (PDF)
  • Northern Cook - Local Flyer (PDF)

Free Youth Services may be
able to get you started with:

Career Exploration

  • One-to-One IT Career Counseling


  • Job Readiness Workshops
  • Occupational Training Grants for IT Skills Training


  • Paid Internships

Supportive Services

  • Access to multiple agency resources
  • Accommodations available, including access to adaptive technology

Student Personal Information Security and Data Analysis

Get Started!

Sign up using either option.

Sign up using either option.

If this program sounds like it could help you get on the road to success, you have two options:

Option 1

Complete the full online application on your own or have a family member or personal agent complete it for you.  It takes about 10-20 minutes to complete.  You do not have to complete it all at one time. You can save it and come back later.  This will give us complete information to begin assisting you right away.

Option 2

Complete the starter application so that we can contact you and build a relationship over time.

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