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​Below you will find all of the Illinois workNet materials available for you to download and print.  This includes flyers, worksheets, infographics, and much more! To preview the materials, hover over the title of the item.​

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Employment First Update - February 16, 20184465Employment First Update - February 16, 20182018-02-19T22:48:04ZThis is the update from the Employment First project for February 16, 20182/19/2018 4:43:28 PMhttp://
IWN_QuickStartGuide_handout44482018 Illinois workNet Quick Start Guide2018-02-16T20:11:30ZThis is the Illinois workNet Quick Start Guide that provides an overview of all areas of the Illinois workNet menu and tools.2/14/2018 4:44:50 PMhttp://
State of Illinois1839State Trade Listing (PDF)2018-02-12T23:31:37ZState of Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity 2014R Petitions Over 85,0002/12/2018 5:31:23 PMhttp://
Illinois Agent Liable Contacts1840Illinois Agent Liable Contacts (PDF)2018-02-12T23:31:42ZIllinois Agent Liable Contacts for each LWIA.2/12/2018 5:31:00 PMhttp://
Workforce Education Strategic Plan1795IWIB Strategic Plan2018-02-09T19:04:46ZOver the last year, the Strategic Planning Task Force under the direction of the IWIB has developed this Stratgeic Plan to guide the vision that will meet the functions required by WIOA.2/8/2018 11:56:40 AMhttp://
STATE OF ILLINOIS MONTHLY WARN ACTIVITY LISTING1745January 2018 Monthly WARN Report2018-02-06T21:19:28ZState of Illinois Monthly WARN Activity Listing for January 2018.2/6/2018 10:57:26 AMhttp://
Personal Information Sheet1566Personal Information Worksheet2018-01-29T16:38:01ZUse this Personal Information worksheet to reference when filling out job applications.1/29/2018 10:37:07 AMhttp://
Work Ethic Skills - Foundation Level1605Work Ethic Skills - Foundation Level2018-01-29T21:36:01ZWork Ethic Skills - Foundation Level1/29/2018 9:32:44 AMhttp://
Understanding Big Picture Management Level1622Understanding Big Picture Management Level2018-01-29T21:36:15ZUnderstanding Big Picture job skill guide scenarios at the management level.1/29/2018 9:31:57 AMhttp://
Understanding Big Picture - Foundation Level1621Understanding Big Picture - Foundation Level2018-01-29T21:36:15ZUnderstanding Big Picture job skill guide scenarios at the foundation level.1/29/2018 9:30:42 AMhttp://