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  • 2015

    Register for the Recruit and Retain Customer Service Representatives Webinar

    ​Have you considered how important the people who provide customer service for your company really are? In some cases, they may be more crucial to retaining your customers than your sales people are at obtaining new ones.

    Join us July 15 at 2PM as guest speaker Rochelle Simpson, Vice President & Senior Recruiting consultant for Northern Trust Bank, shares her thoughts and tips on the following key points to hiring the best customer service people for your company:

    • Customer service - what it is and isn't,
    • Positions that rely on customer service,
    • Key traits that all customer service representatives should possess,
    • How to interview candidates for the position,
    • Tips on coaching for exceptional performance, and
    • Ideas on rewarding great performance.

    These webinars are pre-paid through a federal grant so there is no cost to participants. Join us on the webinar so that you can ask your hiring and recruiting questions during the webinar.

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