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  • 2019

    Bring Illinois workNet to your Website with Embeddable Widgets

    Are you using Illinois workNet's Embeddable Widgets to expand the information available on your website? If not, be sure to check out Illinois workNet's Embeddable Widgets and add them to your website today!

    What are Embeddable Widgets? A widget is a stand-alone web app that can be embedded into other websites. Illinois workNet's widgets are maintained by Illinois workNet staff and require no upkeep by partners using the widget(s). If an update is made to one of the widgets, it will automatically update on partner websites using the widget. Illinois workNet staff are constantly updating the resources within the widgets to ensure users are getting the most up-to-date information. Additionally, widgets are customizable to meet the needs of each partner and will help expand the information provided on partner websites.

    Easily add customized, interactive tools, that are maintained by Illinois workNet, to your website in three easy steps:

    1. Select which Embeddable Widget(s) you want to include:
      1. Event Calendar
      2. Article Viewer
      3. Job Finder
      4. Related Resources
      5. Service Finder
      6. Success Stories
      7. WIOA Training Program Search
      8. WIOA Board Activities
      9. WIOA e-Policy
    2. Fill out a form to generate a code based on your custom parameters.
    3. Copy and paste the code on your website. 


    Illinois workNet's Embeddable Widgets:

    Simply Your Experience With Widgets Article: