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Below you will find all of the Illinois workNet materials available for you to download and print. This includes flyers, worksheets, infographics, and much more! The majority of the files are for anyone to use. However, some files require an authorized login. If you do not see a specific workforce and education partner resource, log into your Illinois workNet account and search for the document.



Veteran Tools Resources Flyer3882886Veteran Tools Resources Flyer2019-08-23T19:07:30ZVeteran Tools Resources Flyer8/23/2019 2:05:48 PM
Veteran Tools Resources Flyer3882885Veteran Tools Resources Flyer2019-08-23T19:07:17ZVeteran Tools Resources Flyer8/23/2019 1:04:00 PM
iNTEGRATION CONTINUUM SELF-ASSESSMENT4026Illinois WIOA Service Integration: Overview and Self-Assessment Guide 20192019-08-21T13:23:29ZService Integration Self-Assessment Guide 08.20.19 for Service Integration and Self-Assessment8/21/2019 8:20:25 AMhttp://
Appendix D - Partners List2712038Appendix D - Partners List2019-08-20T17:07:43ZService Integration Self-Assessment Guide - Appendix D - Partners List8/20/2019 11:47:00 AMhttp://
Appendix B - Self-Assessment Guidelines2712036Appendix B - Self-Assessment Guidelines2019-08-20T17:08:02ZService Integration Self-Assessment Guide - Appendix B - Self-Assessment Guidelines8/20/2019 11:44:00 AMhttp://
Appendix C - Schedule of Planning Events2712037Appendix C - Schedule of Planning Events2019-08-20T17:07:56ZService Integration Self-Assessment Guide - Appendix C - Schedule of Planning Events8/20/2019 11:44:00 AMhttp://
Appendix A - IWIB Service Integration Policy2712035Appendix A - IWIB Service Integration Policy2019-08-20T17:08:08ZService Integration Self-Assessment Guide - Appendix A - IWIB Service Integration Policy8/20/2019 11:43:00 AMhttp://
DEI Lessons Learned for WIA WIOA2712028DEI Lessons Learned for WIA WIOA2019-08-20T15:04:32ZDEI Lessons Learned for WIA WIOA for Service Integration and Self-Assessment8/19/2019 12:30:23 PMhttp://
FAQs and Answers about Service Integration Self-Assessment2712034FAQs and Answers about Service Integration Self-Assessment2019-08-20T18:32:55ZService Integration - Self-Assessment Webinar Q and A for Service Integration and Self-Assessment8/19/2019 12:26:00 PMhttp://
Registered Apprenticeship Flyer_Final6230Registered Apprenticeship Flyer2019-08-19T14:40:58ZThis flyer highlights requirements for registering an apprenticeship program.8/19/2019 9:39:48 AMhttp://