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Below you will find all of the Illinois workNet materials available for you to download and print. This includes flyers, worksheets, infographics, and much more! The majority of the files are for anyone to use. However, some files require an authorized login. If you do not see a specific workforce and education partner resource, log into your Illinois workNet account and search for the document.



Local Board WIOA Update4492032018 DCEO Apprenticeship Expansion NOFO 8-8-182018-08-10T17:26:57Z2018 DCEO Apprenticeship Expansion NOFO 8-8-188/10/2018 12:21:54 PMhttp://
Apprenticeship NOFO Announcement 2018449204Apprenticeship NOFO Announcement 20182018-08-10T17:26:44ZApprenticeship NOFO Announcement 20188/10/2018 12:21:00 PMhttp://
Bidders Conference Agenda_Final449206Bidders Conference Agenda_Final2018-08-10T17:26:50ZBidders Conference Agenda_Final8/10/2018 12:19:00 PMhttp://
Apprenticeship One-Pager449205Apprenticeship One-Pager2018-08-10T17:26:38ZApprenticeship One-Pager8/10/2018 12:18:53 PMhttp://
STATE OF ILLINOIS MONTHLY WARN ACTIVITY LISTING544712July 2018 Monthly WARN Report2018-08-14T13:09:12ZState of Illinois Monthly WARN Activity Listing for July 2018.8/9/2018 8:50:27 AMhttp://
2018 Apprenticeship Expansion NOFO 8-1-185796732018 Apprenticeship Expansion NOFO 8-1-182018-08-08T18:58:06Z2018 Apprenticeship Expansion NOFO 8-1-188/8/2018 1:30:10 PMhttp://
Microsoft Word - Attachment II - Program Activities and Outcomes428723Attachment II - Program Activities and Outcomes2018-08-08T18:58:39ZAttachment II - Program Activities and Outcomes8/8/2018 1:19:31 PMhttp://
Employment First Update August 8, 2018428724Employment First Update August 8, 20182018-08-08T16:30:19ZThis is the update from the Employment First project for August 8, 2018.8/8/2018 11:28:47 AMhttp://
Budget Template - NOFO 75-412 Illinois Talent Pipeline8816Budget Template - NOFO 75-412 Illinois Talent Pipeline2018-08-07T17:20:55ZBudget Template - NOFO 75-412 Illinois Talent Pipeline8/7/2018 4:55:55 PMhttp://
July 2018 Monthly WARN Follow-Up Report4675July 2018 Monthly WARN Follow-Up Report2018-08-06T16:22:33ZThis report provides all the company layoffs sorted to show companies with active layoff pages on Illinois workNet on Sheet 1, which are sorted by their created date. Sheet 2 shows all other layoffs from DETS and are listed in layoff date order.8/6/2018 3:58:09 PMhttp://